Land O’Lakes Dairy Accelerator


Land O’Lakes, Inc. was founded on innovation by the original entrepreneurs – cooperative member farmers. Land O’Lakes, Inc. is committed to fostering innovation in the dairy industry and desires to engage innovative dairy food companies, spread entrepreneurial thinking, share expertise, and support the growth of the dairy industry.

Accelerator Program

This three-month program (“Land O’Lakes Dairy Accelerator program”) will provide support and mentor dairy food entrepreneurs that want to grow and drive innovation in the dairy products space. Participants will have access to personnel and seminars focusing on finance, brand building, manufacturing, sales, distribution and leadership development. In addition, the Land O’Lakes Dairy Accelerator program will include access to supply chain, marketing, business development and leadership development experts on an as needed basis. At the conclusion of the Land O’Lakes Dairy Accelerator program, participants will have the opportunity to present their proposals and new business ideas to Land O’Lakes, Inc. leadership.


Participants selected must commit to attending and contributing to the full program (see application for additional requirements). To help participants in this commitment, participants will receive a $25,000 stipend that will cover the cost of travel to required program sessions.

Selection Criteria

The Land O’Lakes Dairy Accelerator program desires applicants that are entrepreneurs passionate about moving their companies to the next level. The entity must utilize dairy as a primary ingredient in its product idea. Any aspect of dairy including but not limited to: yogurt, cheese, whey or other milk-based proteins or ingredients can be used. However, the applicant’s idea cannot be focused on butter or butter-based spreads. Applicants should have company revenues of approximately $200,000 or more in the last 12 months. Applicants and the product ideas must be based in the United States.


Applicants must be willing to commit to the Land O’Lakes Dairy Accelerator program requirements throughout the three-month program which starts in mid-September and concludes in mid-December 2017.


Land O’Lakes Dairy Accelerator program, its seminars, community activities and available office space will be located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. Each session held in Minneapolis will be two days in length, and we are holding a total of 4 sessions throughout the 3 month program.


Applicants selected must agree to all terms and conditions outlined in the Land O’Lakes Dairy Accelerator program’s written agreement before participating.


The Land O’Lakes Dairy Accelerator program’s focus is on growing the total dairy industry and does not require equity from the participants.

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